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Cutting-edge Strategies for fast-moving Startups

Today, strategy has evolved. It has many new faces, methodologies, and use cases. As a founder, appreciating and utilizing the nuances of modern strategy disciplines will give your startup a competitive advantage.

Imagine forming a cross-disciplinary team of seasoned strategic thinkers to tackle your organization's most challenging problems. Here comes the cliché—the "sky" will be the limit.

Brand Strategy

An evolving plan to outmaneuver your competitors using radical differentiation

Design Strategy

The intersection of corporate strategy and end users unmet needs, desires and journey to empowerment.

Product Strategy

A high-level game plan to ensure your products or services become a league
of their own

Business Strategy

Identify the right moves to bolster your success chances now and into the future

Social Impact Strategy

Turn your startup into a force for good and maximize your impact on society

Community Strategy

Create a sense of belonging to transform a handful of your core customers into a loyal tribe that drives organic growth

Platform Strategy

Build an undisruptable, transparent, efficient, and frictionless assetlight-ecosystem to ignite network effects

Systems Strategy

Understand how various elements of your organization interact with each other to identify the best possible combination of resources, activities, and innovation

Go-to-Market Strategy

Devise a solid yet exceptionally flexible action plan to reach, delight, and nurture your early-adaptor customer tribe

Comms Strategy

Shape the exposure of your campaign with proper messaging to remove the barriers in your customer's path to purchase

Board Strategy

Design a diverse, experienced,
and empathetic board that leads and governs with your core purpose and customer's needs in mind

Innovation Strategy

Create, capture, and deliver value
through systematically identifying, developing, and commercializing new ideas in this era of constant change

Investment Strategy

Curb your growth ambitions and unicorn fetishization, and avoid injecting bad money into your company culture

Social Media Strategy

Build relationships, foster trust, and credibility, and ultimately drive conversions in an engaging and valuable way

X-Shaped Strategy

Depose category leaders or runner-ups with a fierce comprehensive multi-dimensional set of moves

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