Why we exist

To help leaders make conscientious choices in the face of uncertainty.


Chances are, you didn't set out to work with a strategist who could offer you an outside perspective on scaling your startup. We get it.

There is certainly no shortage of resources available to founders on how to run their startups. Everyone has something to offer, from free online courses to accelerators, VCs, boutique firms, and agencies like ours.

There had to be a better way!

What agency? Before founding Strategy Market, we spent the last 7 years providing strategy consultancy to SMBs and startups.

As our team spent more time working with founders, we made a few critical observations, and rather than sitting back and watching from the sidelines, we decided it was time to take action.

Because we figured there had to be a better, more efficient way to help,

founders think through the most common challenges that cause startups to fail.

Here's why we decided to tackle this problem, our insights into the strategy market's underlying threats, opportunities, and trends, and evidence that a platform solution is the best approach to helping founders make strategic decisions.

Every day, in the agency world, we engage in activities we are infinitely passionate about. We get to help purpose-driven leaders bring clarity to their brands. And what's even more appealing is coming up with various strategies to help them achieve this.

The best part is, assisting leaders in succeeding is also good for business. We have had the privilege of working with some of the most inspiring founders and brilliant people, from first-time entrepreneurs to US presidential candidates.

References do not equate to reviews.

Over the past six years, our experience as agency partners has uncovered unique insights into the strategy industry.

For example, we have noticed that the qualification process on both sides, clients and agencies, is inefficient, time-consuming, and a bit of a gamble. It's risky because references, verified or not, do not equate to reviews.

On the other hand, the market is so fragmented that it is overwhelming for founders to find the right fit without proper referrals. Most agencies and boutique firms are generalists, further exacerbating the search for the right fit.

Meanwhile, specialized and established agencies and firms demand premium fees, with as much as 60% covering their overhead. And typically, projects take two if not three times longer to deliver than they should.

Indeed, every firm has its reasons. Still, in reality, the extended timelines give firms breathing room to manage their pipelines and maximize intake.

As much as 60%+ of agency fees go towards covering their overhead.

Our experience has also shed light on the myth of "Full-Service." Most agencies are not full-service. Instead, they usually subcontract specialized talent to help with projects. And the talent needed ranges from designers to programmers to strategists.

While finding and hiring high-end freelance designers and coders on online talent marketplaces has recently become more accessible, it has been challenging to find reliable, best-in- class strategists in the same fashion.

Meanwhile, more and more strategists are looking for independent, meaningful work. However, as we stand, there is no trustworthy, efficient, and cost-effective solution for connecting founders to strategists.

So, we asked ourselves—why can't we find a way to democratize elite-level strategy and make it accessible to founders? Why can't we bring meaningful work to strategists that pays well on time in a frictionless process? Why can't we create a more efficient way to connect strategists with founders? Why not lead the market when we have the chance? Why not inspire founders to make better choices? And why not us?

Until you heard about us, you thought working hard would get you to an IPO or a smooth sailing exit. We know you believe in yourself, your offering, and your team. Perhaps you think those others who failed just didn't have 'it.' We agree. But, there is more to it.

First, let's see if 'it' means the same thing to you and us. We talked to over 150 founders. To those who IPO’ed/exited successfully, 'it' means one thing and one thing only—Strategy.

And to those who failed, it meant the lack thereof.

When your First Mover advantage becomes the Worst Mover.

Let's take a look at the top reasons why startups fail:

No market need. Happens when you dive into building products without
enough discovery or a clear purpose.

Get outcompeted. When your First Mover advantage becomes the Worst Mover.

Run out of money. When you scramble to get a team together, then waste funds on ads to catch up.

Ever wondered why most startups fail this way?

Because problem framing, understanding customer needs, synthesizing, and goal setting are complex. And despite their best efforts—it's hard for founders to read the label inside the bottle to choose what not to do.

And those who seek a fresh outsider's perspective waste valuable time scrutinizing costly agencies, then take a chance with their limited funds and hope for the best. Sounds familiar? You bet.

But Hope is not a strategy. No strategy is not a strategy. (Cute, but come on!) Getting to your first 1000 with growth hacking tactics is not a strategy. Going public with cheap capital is definitely not a strategy.

You can't hack your way to growth and success. You can't buy it with VC money, either. The house will crumble if the foundation isn't built solidly. But you can win if you know where you are going, how to get there, but more importantly, why.

You can't hack your way to growth and success.

You know well that every field is flooded with fast followers that end up as "me-too brands." (not trying to be offensive) You are confident about your offering. But you have limited time, resources, and funds to take on the challenge.

Let's be honest; you know that Founders, including you (or maybe not), with promising business ideas, are not necessarily seasoned CEOs. Sometimes it is best to get out of your own or your team's way.

So whether your venture is newly founded or scaling up, a seasoned strategist(s) will work with you to map your goals to your audience's needs.

Our team will first help you diagnose the problems you are facing. We then identify the right strategy to approach in solving the challenge. And then team you up with the right strategist or a team of cross-disciplinary strategists to work with you.

Besides providing a dedicated account manager, we will support you along the way with resources, whitepapers, perks, deeply discounted deals, and a supportive community to interact with in our native app.
You can also mingle with everyone at weekly/monthly online and quarterly in-person events.

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